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Love in the Time of COVID

Dating and Relationships

February 9, 2021

One thing we all can safely say by now is that Covid is not sexy.

Millions of couples have become much more intimately acquainted with one another in new ways. We never knew how our significant others and spouses sounded joking around with their coworkers in the office until the office became the kitchen table. Who knew they married the kind of person who says the phrase “circle back” like a singular noun?

“Let’s make this topic a circle back for next week.”

That was the sound of your partner rolling their eyes in the background, as if we all haven’t become familiar with that noise during the pandemic.

We’ve become intimate in other ways, too. You’re the person who always fills up the Keurig with water if it’s empty, and never takes the last ice cube without refilling the tray. You make the best ONE ROQ martinis. Small gestures of common domestic courtesy probably went overlooked when we were too busy to notice; when we weren’t already so stressed out, those small gestures didn’t seem so meaningful.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and with all that everyday intimacy it’s maybe too easy to forget about real intimacy — the kind that sustains relationships in deeper ways.

Lots of couples have seen their sex lives change during the pandemic. It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and one thing that’s gone by the wayside is physical absence. Let’s face it, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing with the person you’ve been staring at for months like a cellmate is have sex with them. There used to be built-in ways around that. The sex opportunities presented to LTR couples on special occasions have largely gone away. We’ve now lost a year of date nights, birthdays, and babysitters.

So the question now is how do you celebrate Love in the Time of Covid?

Well, there are some obvious ideas. If you’re unencumbered by familial obligations, a change of scenery can always spice things up. It’s easy to see how a nice hotel room with a jacuzzi and some room service could lead good places and still be Covid-safe.

And if a lovers’ getaway isn’t as easily arranged, there are still some options short of drugging your children to create alone time. Consider a morning note on the dresser that gives your partner something to look forward to “after the kids are asleep.” Plant the seed early and maybe you’ll resist the temptation to fall asleep on the couch at 8:30.

But physical intimacy is only one part of the Valentine’s Day equation. The other is emotional intimacy.

Find a way to make a gesture that shows your partner they are appreciated. Obviously, a fancy dinner and rose petals on the bed are a bit cliche. But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

That being said, we know you might not be feeling the whole cliche scene. So, why not use your Member discount to get some ONE ROQ delivered directly to your door? Nothing says “I love you” like mixing up something special with the vodka that you literally own.

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Easiest of all? Sometimes a gesture as simple as saying “thank you” is the best thing you can say all year. If you’re the kind of guy who can put pen to paper and not have it look like a third-grader wrote it, give it a shot. If you ARE the kind of guy whose handwriting looks like a third-grader’s, lean into it. Glue some macaroni on a piece of paper and dad-joke it up.

What did the train say on Valentine’s Day? I choo-choo choose you.

Seriously, who wouldn’t smile at such an annoyingly cute Covid valentine?

It’s been a shitty year. We know that. Use this as an opportunity. If you do it right, hopefully Valentine’s Day will end a little better – and a little different – than all those other nights that have bled together throughout this past year.

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