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Accredited Offering (Now Closed)


August 16, 2022

This Offering is Now closed. For questions, email: contact@oneroqclub.com

Aug 16, 2022 – This week we published a small – and direct – 70,000 unit Offering; providing an opportunity to existing (Accredited) Investors to acquire shares before our coming Round III with Startengine.com.  We chose to publish this Offering in order to raise some capital to support operations in August as we continue to wait for accountants, lawyers, administrators, regulators and Start Engine personnel, to give ONE ROQ the green light on Offering III. (Rest assured, we’re getting closer.)

If you are an Accredited Investor, and you have an interest in acquiring shares before Offering III, please email us at Finance@ONEROQClub.com with subject title “Shares Purchase Reservation.” In the email include your name, address and the amount  (in dollars or shares) you may be interested in purchasing based on .60c per share price.  This Offering Closes Aug 30th, 2022. 

However, as we conduct this direct offering (refer to email sent on 8-11-22 for details), we felt the importance to address the “Accredited vs. Non-Accredited” condition created by the SEC that directs who and how we can sell shares during these Direct Offerings.

In short, it starts & ends with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the oversight body for all financial activity in America, which was formed in 1934 (nearly a century ago). Their purpose is to ensure safety and fair markets for both companies and investors participating in the markets. (Early stage investing is a market, and one that is regarded high risk (true) by the SEC. )

To create safety, the SEC has created many provisions in the laws. One known as “Investor Accreditation,” requires Investors to have a certain financial networth, essentially to be sufficient to bear the risk of  an early stage investment when investing directly with a Company (vs through an exchange). 

However, opponents of the SEC would argue that by “protecting consumers from risk,” you are also preventing them from the opportunity at the same time. Today, Accredited Status requirements are considered contributing the wealth gap in America, and we agree. 

We look forward to receiving your Reservations if you meet Accredited  Investor requirements.  If not, don’t worry because Offering III is abound. 

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