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Lets Fly, Together.


September 17, 2020

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ONE ROQ is a superior drinking vodka from America, and our brand membership platform is already redefining marketing in the adult beverage industry. A superior taste, exclusive Club privileges, and the focus of future financial reward are the hallmarks offered to our connoisseur investors. ONE ROQ’s slogan says it all: Own Your Spirit. And its when we embrace both sides of its meaning that our destiny will be realized.

ONE ROQ’s approach has earned important credibility in just the last year from sponsorships at top media events like ESPN’s X Games; to cover story of the Food & Beverage industry; to rising as the No. 1 selling vodka on a top 20 online US retailer of premium wine & spirits! And if you are ONE ROQ Member, your initial investment is already realizing attractive growth at the earliest stage of the company’s journey.

With our working business model in place, we are proud and excited to continue building our sales, marketing partnerships, new products and Club features through Offering II.

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