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July 14, 2022

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This Summer, raise a glass to better drinking.

This month, Investors and Club Members enjoy 30% Off in the ONE ROQ Gift Shop + 1877 Bottle Store (soon to be combined under one destination through the ONE ROQ Club desktop and mobile applications). Excitingly, our coming new marketplace will offer access to over 2000 popular alcohol brands. And, a “new item request” tool incase there is something our database does not have.

We are very excited about this coming enhancement for strategic reasons that investors should be keen on – these reasons are shared in Part II of our 2021 Annual Review.

We also continue to be excited about the substantial benefits that can be created for the company – and all stakeholders – if Investors engage with the 2-Steps of the Road to Greatness Initiative (RTG) presented in Part III. We are including link to the report here for those of you interested in supporting the company through these recommended efforts.

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