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Introducing SPOTLIGHT: Our Newest Member Privilege


July 28, 2021

ONE ROQ Members are amazing and contributing in unique ways to our continued success. So, we’ve created Spotlight to let them introduce themselves and share their stories with our community.

Today, ONE ROQ Club announces launch of Spotlight, its latest Club Privilege that will create yet another unique layer of Member experience – and value – to the company’s already highly differentiated brand platform. 

“Spotlight is a new member privilege that will allow our Members to submit stories on their passions, their latest projects, and their discovery and journey with ONE ROQ, ” shares Garrett Green, CEO/Director.  “We have so many enthusiastic and impressive individuals that are contributing in their own unique ways to advance ONE ROQ’s success, so it was natural for us to create a medium to celebrate these Members. Once a month, ONE ROQ will seek to launch Member Spotlights through one or more of our communication channels via social, newsletter and paid advertising campaigns. This platform will also allow the Company to tap into valuable use of Member-generated content (MGC). We really look forward to learning more about our Members and their journeys.”

Members can find the new Spotlight privilege located as a new tile in their Member dashboards. 


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