Club Benefits & Amenities

• The lowest online prices for ONE ROQ anywhere (and now over 2000 wine & spirits)
• Thousands of fine dining & travel rewards (via premium upgrade)
• Up to 50% off music, sporting and art events, worldwide
• Weekly music drops by our in-house DJ
• Exclusive Content - curated online articles in travel, fashion, home entertaining and more
• Passive income - earn up to 20% of purchases made by every new Member that you refer to the Club
• Access Investment Offerings - become an owner in ONE ROQ and grow real investments simply by using and sharing the Club
• And more...

Select Rewards Premium Add-On

Access Up to 65% Off Bills at 1.2M Premium Bars, Hotels and Luxury Brands and more.

Must be a ONE ROQ Club Member to unlock this Upgrade.

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United States (US)

United States (US)

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