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Important Update: Holiday Order Delays


December 22, 2020

Important Update: Holiday Order Delays

While shipments usually require just 2-3 days of transit time, record-high e-commerce volume, COVID 19 closures, and weather events are causing unexpectedly long delays with our shipping carriers and are continuing to affect the timing of your order.

If there is no movement on your order by tomorrow, you will be at risk of not receiving your package by Christmas. That is why for orders placed prior to the 18th of December that does not arrive by Christmas, we will be issuing a one-time, 50% off code valid for any future purchases to those affected by this situation. Customers of the delayed orders missing the deadline will be e-mailed individually with the code. In the meantime, please continue to watch the tracking provided by 1877-Spirits for the status of your order(s).

We appreciate your patience and share your potential frustration to the fullest degree.

Yours in Health,

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