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Important, Time-Sensitive Reminders


January 13, 2022

Important, Time-Sensitive Reminders

1. If You invested in the last 4 weeks, you may need to reconfirm your recent investment(s) or they will cancel tonight at 11:59PM by Startengine. To check to see if you need to reconfirm,  check your recent emails from StartEngine regarding ONE ROQ, and/or Login to your Startengine account to check if there is a notice regarding the reconfirmation requirement.

2. There are just days left before our Offering officially closes on February 9th, 2022.  Historically we raise anywhere from $30-100k a month so we expect remaining leg of $20k or so to go fast. Note, once the max has been reached, a waitlist will be activated. However, there is no guarantee waitlisted investments will make it in!

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