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If You Drink Vodka, Then It’s Time to Join the Club  

The Club

May 21, 2021

If You Drink Vodka, It’s Time to Join the Club  

(4,000 drinkers already have.)

ONE ROQ is not your ordinary vodka. And a membership in the ONE ROQ Club is not your ordinary membership. Investment has its privileges, and The Club is the new and ultimate destination for the discerning vodka drinker that cannot be matched. You’re going to love the exclusive benefits we offer. And we’re adding new perks all the time. Come. Let us show you around.  

Enjoy Equity in Your Ownership Privileges

As a ONE ROQ Club member, you’re a partner in the ONE ROQ Spirits company and our products. As we rise, you rise, enjoying equity and rewards through our unique membership privileges. We may be new to the game, but our innovative design, marketing prowess, and exceptional vodka make us a sure thing. Show the world you live by higher taste. Join the Club and Own your spirit, today.

Attend Members-Only, VIP Events

ONE ROQ Vodka produces events throughout the year, coast to coast (when there isn’t a global pandemic). As a club member, you’re invited to attend. Soon, we think Covid will subside, and when it does, be on the lookout for what’s up and coming in the Reading Room.

Enjoy Members-Only Savings

Members of The Club enjoy exclusive savings on the online purchase of ONE ROQ Vodka. Benefit from monthly discounts of up to 40 percent through the ONE ROQ Bottle store (provided by 1-877-spirits), and enjoy our 24/7 concierge dedicated to stocking up or  gifting ONE ROQ Vodka at any time.

Earn Exclusive Referral Rewards

When you refer friends to The Club, you create value in the company and your investment. And, you allow others to be part of this special dynamic. Be a pal and spread the news about ONE ROQ Vodka Club among your closest friends and acquaintances. Because when you do, every new member increased our Company’s value, and thus, the value of your investment! Easy-breezy. Done-and-done.

First Dibs on Future Privileges 

Members don’t only enjoy a menu of outstanding benefits today,  but they also claim rights to access all new and future privileges of the Club, too. ONE ROQ is still a start up and that means a lot more is coming as part of their plans to dominate in vodka and beyond. Sit back, relax and get ready for the future.

Original Monthly Content

ONE ROQ’s team of  professional writers are always ready to send you the next piece of content to enhance your knowledge and expertise. As a Member, you receive access to the Reading Room, ONE ROQ Club’s online publication dedicated to tips and advice covering Home Entertaining, Travel, Fashion, Dating & Relationships, and of course, immersive Company updates and media coverage.


ONE ROQ believes in owning who you are, what you do, and how you drink.  The ONE ROQ membership not only earns you attractive discounts and valuable rewards, but it makes you the master of your destiny as an owner and member of a innovative organization. The  benefits  of member are designed to optimize the ROI on your investment, making membership in The Club a truly enjoyable and promising experience. So, join the Club, today….You won’t regret you did.

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