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How to Switch Off and Really Relax on Your Next Vacation  


July 11, 2021

Your vacation isn’t a conference-call-from-the-resort situation. Nor is it a “I just have to send a few quick emails” type deal. A nonstop fun-fest tour of local landmarks is not a good getaway. Hitting up every museum within a 30-mile radius is … just not a vacation.

Your vacation …
… is you
… your lady (or man)
… some form of pleasantly-blue, perfectly-warmed open water
… probably a straw fedora
… and a case of ONE ROQ Vodka.

Let us explain further:

A True Vacation Is Not for the Weary of Heart. 
Travelers these days have it rough. Completely leaving your everyday life behind for a trip to the Bahamas, the Amalfi Coast, or sunny Hawaii is no longer just a matter of carefully storing your briefcase and pulling out of the driveway en route to the airport.

Your phone, your computer, your emails, your texts, and every other link between you and the modern world come with you now.

So, when you’re lying on a white, sandy beach somewhere below the equator, “Please update your contact information,” and “Your favorite kicks are now 25% off!” can still reach you.

So, too, can texts from co-workers apologizing profusely “for bothering you on vacation but hoping you’ll understand that we just need the Wilson file sent over.”

That’s not a vacation.

How to Have a Real Vacation: Cutting Off and Setting Sail

To truly relax on your getaway, unplugging from modern life is key. Use these three strategies.

1. Think of your phone as serving two purposes only.
We’d like to tell you to leave your phone in your resort room (or at home). But, we all know that’s not going to happen. So, instead, we invite you to think of your phone on vacation as only serving two purposes:
– As a useful tool for getting around
– As a communication tool for emergencies

Sure, use your phone to get directions, find the best masseuse in town, and get in touch with your old college pal in the area. And if something goes down, and you end up stranded with a flat tire or in need
of an emergency pizza, always have your phone on-hand.

But for anything else? Ditch it. Delete your email app (temporarily). Don’t take videos (when has anyone ever wanted to see someone else’s vacation videos?). And, for crying out loud, get rid of all your phone

2. Don’t post to social media.
Have you ever known someone who rarely posted to social media, yet they seemed to live ever-exciting lives? You’d hear by the grapevine that he “just got back from Catalonia” or is “often back and forth between
Tokyo and Seoul.” Still, he would rarely put any photos or updates on Instagram or Facebook. When he occasionally did … they were epic.

What’s that guy doing? How’s he affording this? Where does he get the time off?

We all want to know. And that’s the beauty. Remain mysterious. Stay off of social media.  

3. When the emails and texts do come … don’t answer.
And they will. Be prepared.
Have a plan ready. Tell yourself this: that, unless someone is in active pain or dying, you basically do not exist and cannot — will not — be returning their messages. Works every time.

ONE ROQ Club Members already know the pleasure of relaxing into that first sip of vodka after a long day. Your phone is in the other room, and it’s only you and the warm summer air.

That warmth, that pleasure, that full-body experience … imagine that on a grand scale. Your entire vacation can be like that. And that pleasure has a purpose: it soothes the soul.

But do heed our warnings above … vacations are not for the weary of heart.

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