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How to Set Up a Romantic Virtual Date While Self-Isolating

Dating and Relationships

While social distancing, you might find it hard to maintain a dating life or even keep your current relationship going strong if you’re long distance. There’s no going for a walk, grabbing drinks, or seeing a movie. But we’ve listed a few virtual date ideas to keep the fire burning, ONE ROQ style.

Set Up a Virtual Black Tie Event

You can still look good while sitting in your living room. Just imagine a fancy night out and encourage your significant other to put on their best outfit possible. This is a great way to remind them of just how good you both look. Complete the feel with a nice bottle of wine or some fancy champagne. Don’t be afraid to reach for tie clips, cufflinks, and even a cummerbund. Top it off with a nice music playlist and the ingredients are all there for a luxurious date night. 

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