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How to Make a Small Gathering Feel Like an Epic Party

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Concerts, Member events, and other large gatherings are currently put on pause, which can leave most of us with a void that’s only filled by socializing. That’s why we have to get creative. There’s no reason why a small party of 7 can’t feel like a party of 70, and we’ll show you how to make that possible. So if you’re struggling with adding life and glamour to your isolated gathering, keep reading. 

Create an engaging playlist. 

A good playlist brings out the right energy in people, and that’s probably why so many hosts have a hard time trying to find the perfect one to get guests out of their seats to socialize. If you have a hard time creating a playlist, choose one from Spotify or Apple Music that’s already made. To pick one, give your party a theme, whether you tell people about this theme or keep it to yourself. Ask yourself, if this gathering was a scene in a movie, what background music would be playing? Is it ’80s pop? Glam rock? Classical? Put those keywords in the search bar and find a playlist that speaks to you. And if you’re still stumped, create an empty playlist, send to your guests, and ask them to throw in their favorite songs. That way, you know at least one person will be pumped when their song comes on and their excitement will get others pumped, too. 

Allow guests to participate.

Your guests should be a part of the party. They are well aware that you are the host, and if you have too many planned activities, the gathering can feel a bit forced. Always make time for mindless chatter. Allow people to catch up with each other and talk about current events. And you can also include them in the activities. Ask guests if they want to help make cocktails, DJ for the night, or organize drinking games. You can even have a fun raffle to get people excited about a prize – perhaps a bottle of ONE ROQ Vodka. But the No. 1 thing to keep in mind is to go with the flow. If people seem super engaged in an activity, keep it going. If they’re losing interest and just want to drink and chat, be mindful of that. 

Serve effortless food and drinks.

Food and drinks are the heart of every party. Make sure you have sufficient food so that your guests can feel satisfied and energized, but not so full that they’re sluggish. A safe option is to have a wide array of appetizers, from charcuterie boards to mini meatballs. Finger food feels effortless and allows people to grab something to eat throughout the party as they please. Unless your gathering is a sit-down dinner, not everyone will be hungry at the same time. Also, make sure you ask guests about dietary restrictions beforehand so that you can accommodate everyone. 

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