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How to Create An Exquisite Meat and Cheese Board


Let’s be honest, there are two types of hosts in this world: One who simply pours a bag of chips into a bowl and one who sees the food they serve as art. For people who want to elevate their party dishes, it’s important to look closely at how your favorite appetizers – such as meat and cheeses – are paired together. 

As a ONE ROQ Member, we want to help you with your next hosting opportunity, so we’ve designed an easy guide to creating an exquisite charcuterie board. And the best part is this board pairs perfectly with any ONE ROQ cocktail.

Discover your inner cheese connoisseur.

Most artists spend time looking at various brushes, paint colors, and textures. Choosing the right cheese is a similar form of art. To get started, it’s best to visit a local cheesemonger who will let you sample different cheeses and give you tips on how to pair them with meats and spirits that best suit your guests. 

While you’re choosing cheeses, it’s important to not have too many options since it can overwhelm your guests. Instead, choose one hard cheese, one soft cheese, and one fresh cheese. You can add blue cheese, as well.

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