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How to Become an Official Taster – Pineapple Peach Is Coming


July 22, 2022

This event is now closed.

Concieved and voted by over 1000 Club Members, ONE ROQ Pineapple Peach is successfully making its way through the development process and we are hopeful that it could debut  before the end of Summer 2022!  

Today, we’re excited to announce we have assembled a highly unique tasting program where a select number of our Investor-Members have the chance to become an Official Taster to help us narrow down the finalized commercial taste of ONE ROQ Pineapple Peach !   And we just wanted to say, this flavor is shaping up to be truly exceptional!

Here is How To Become one of our 20 Official Tasters!

On SATURDAY, July 23rd at 10AM EASTERN TIME, login to your Member Dashboard  using your desktop or mobile application, click the flashing Become a Taster tile, Agree to terms, and click the “CLAIM” button. The first 20 Members to successfully Agree to terms of the tasting and click their Claim button will secure their posiiton as an Official Taster!

So everyone knows the terms in advance, by agreeing to partake in the tasting we ask that you  1. wave liability in connection with tasting or consuming the samples; and 2. Agree to video record and upload your tasting session as part of the requirements to complete the tasting program.

Liability & Safety: samples have been prepared by a professional lab and are no more than 40% alc by volume as required by law.
Do not enter program if pregnant. Do no consume samples while driving a motor vehicle. 

Launch Timing of ONE ROQ Pineapple Peach
ONE ROQ is aiming to launch Pineapple Peach before theend of September. However, we ask Members & Investors to be aware that Offering III, final government approvals, and market factors could affect this target schedule.

We wish you all good luck on Saturday morning!!!

The ONE ROQ Team

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