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November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. It’s all “gravy.”

We’ve prepared some great New Gifts for you this Holiday, starting with our full line of limited release ONE ROQ  Flavors that are now available in the ONE ROQ | 1877 bottle store.  To take advantage of discounts offered by our retailers, login to your account and be sure to grab the promo code on your way to the store.  Also, remember that codes can be applied to partner brands like Casamigos, Josh Wine, Jack Daniels, Hennessy and White Claw, with purchase of ONE ROQ.   (Delivery Restrictions apply based on location. All orders processed through 1877 Network.)

Next is our new ONE ROQ Club Gift Card that makes gifting the Club a breeze. Recipients can redeem them towards spending credit in the ONE ROQ Gift Store, or for cash to be used to join the ONE ROQ Offering, and complimentary Membership to the Club.

Do you know someone who loves adorning themselves at the best restaurant, hotels and luxury brands? Then the SELECT card 3-Month Gift Card is a must have. This membership based black card unlocks thousands of offers at the crème de la crème restaurants, hotels and online luxury brands. And our Members get access to this insider community through an exclusive monthly plan available no where else.  For the holiday, we’ve launched a new SELECT Card  3-Month Gift subscription you can now gift to loved ones that are not yet Members of the ORVC.

Lastly, there are  some posh new lifestyle pieces to deck yourself out in this holiday, like the ONE ROQ Duffle Bag, Members Sweater, Cuff Links, ProV1 Golf Balls, Member Coasters, and more.
You can check them all out by navigating to the Gift Shop and using the filter by category tool to browse.


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