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Global Beverage Alcohol Rebounds in 2021, with Value Reaching US$1.17 Trillion


June 8, 2022

New IWSR Data Reinforces Alcohol’s Resilience and Status as an Affordable Luxury, as Value Growth Significantly Outpaces Volume Growth

Source: Global beverage alcohol rebounds, with value reaching US$1.17 trillion – IWSR (theiwsr.com)

June 8, 2022

Global beverage alcohol value grew by +12% last year to reach US$1.17 trillion, making up for Covid-driven value losses of -4% in 2020, according to extensive new data from London-based IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the leading authority of data and analysis on the global beverage alcohol market. Total alcohol volume grew by +3% in 2021, after losses of -6% the year prior.

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