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Final New Flavor Vote Results + Winner!


January 6, 2022

After nearly 5 months of progressive community voting, we have  officially arrived at a new flavor as decided by Members and their majority vote.

From over 250 original flavor submissions, to 25, to 5 (after a tiebreaker). In our most recent and final vote, over 500 members partook to cast votes that narrowed their final flavor selection to 1!  The winner is… Pineapple Peach.

And whether you were part of the larger camp that votes on this win, or not, we hope your still impressed with this community approach and e-voting process designed to empower our member/owners to guide the future.

So, what’s next you say? 

Pineapple Peach will now be entered into our 2022 development schedule – and we look forward to creating some exciting live tasting events with the community through this development process.  If we take past development times as a benchmark, it will likely take us around 6 months to bring Pineapple Peach to market. This includes laboratory development, community tastings, Federal flavor filings and approvals and production!   So sit tight, buckle up, and look forward to puckering up for Pineapple Peach later this year. 

For a full history of our 2022 new flavor voting activity, check out our last blog here

For questions, live chat us anytime. 


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