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Fill Your Home With These New 2020 Tech Releases


May 1, 2020

Samsung Ballie The Samsung Ballie is a small yellow robot, designed to be your all-around companion and smart-home helper. The gadget is in the shape of a ball, which allows it to easily move around the house to control your smart devices, send you messages (when you’re at home or away), take photos, and even act as your fitness assistant. Buy here Dell Alienware Concept UFO Dell’s new Alienware Concept UFO is the next generation of PC gaming on the go, with all the standard features you might expect from a Nintendo Switch: 8-inch display, detachable controllers, etc. This small, mobile-processing device packs quite a punch with more power than your average notebook. To put it into perspective, this is a full Windows 10 gaming PC in the miniature form-factor you’ve always dreamed of. Buy here Fitbit Charge 3 Fitbit fitness trackers are all the rage, but we’re not talking about all the others. This is the take-charge tracker that really puts the others to shame. With a light-weight, but attractive design, the Fitbit Charge 3 has a big screen to display all your health-and-fitness details. Best of all, it appears to hold up to even the most demanding use – and it’s waterproof. You’ll definitely need this one when you’re on the go this year. Buy here Core Meditation Trainer The Core Meditation Trainer tracks your meditation history, with the built-in ECG sensor set off by a rosewood elegance. The Core app comes complete with guided meditation, soundscapes, and breathing to help you on your meditation journey. With all the stress in gadgetry and geeky devices, this is an appealing way to tap into calm and wellness no matter where you find yourself in your future travels. Buy here Valve Index The Valve Index has been called the “next-generation” VR headset, and all the tech aficionados are clamoring for it. Top features include the widest field of view, an ultra-crisp display, Valve’s “Knuckle” controller, and a higher refresh rate. The headset still leaves us wishing for an easier setup, but it’s the best we’ve seen so far. Just imagine the VR landscapes you can experience with this handy headset. Buy here Jennie, the emotional-support robot puppy Jennie is Tombot’s latest robotic dog (a golden Labrador Retriever), designed for therapy patients but also the perfect solution for the ONE ROQ lifestyle. Beyond all the health benefits of reduced stress and lowered anxiety, this robo-pet offers emotional support without the hassle of a “real” pet. It’s the perfect, high-tech way to travel the world with a furry companion. Buy here These top gadgets are just the beginning since there’s much more to come in 2020. Stay tuned for top gadgets that will inspire your ONE ROQ lifestyle, and be sure to tag ONE ROQ Vodka Club @oneroq_vodka while you undertake your next adventure soon to come.

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