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Fill Your Home With These New 2020 Tech Releases


It’s not easy to stay up to date with the ever-growing list of must-have gadgets and gizmos in the rapidly evolving tech space. Your favorite devices are constantly changing, and we know you’re eager to keep up. With this quick list, we’re highlighting some of the hot new gadgets hitting the market in 2020. From fitness tracking to VR headsets, you’ll find gear that will help you get fit, stay focused, and have fun – whether you’re traveling at the end of this year, or staying home for the time being. These gadgets may just inspire, and support, your next adventure driven by your ONE ROQ lifestyle.

Samsung Ballie

The Samsung Ballie is a small yellow robot, designed to be your all-around companion and smart-home helper. The gadget is in the shape of a ball, which allows it to easily move around the house to control your smart devices, send you messages (when you’re at home or away), take photos, and even act as your fitness assistant.

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