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Dear ONE ROQ Investor,

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for your support in ONE ROQ🍸

Your early commitment was foundational in allowing us to develop our envisioned Membership platform, proving our market-fit, and readying us for the potential of exciting growth in the adult beverage market.

In this email, I take us back in time, walking us forward through the critical events in ONE ROQ’s history.

I highlight the “market fit” (our Basis for scale) that your investment allowed us to create;

why we are ready to capitalize on this Basis;

and how you can partake in our End-of-year Investor Offering detailed at the end of this email, to power our mutual success🤝📈.

Please note, this is a longer read, so feel free to make time when you have it. But don’t wait too long, because this opportunity will close.

ONE ROQ Genesis

Nineteen years ago (while I was still in college), I read of the extraordinary success stories of brands like Snapple, Grey Goose, and Vitamin Water.

These brands, once unknown, skyrocketed to fame in the 90s and early 2000s, and quickly became acquired by industry giants like Pepsi, Coke, and Bacardi for outstanding sums.

For example, Snapple was bought by Quaker Oats (Pepsi) for 1.4 billion in 1994; Vitamin Water was bought by Coke for $4.1B in 2007; and Grey Goose sold to Bacardi for $2B in 2004. It took each of these brands between 5 and 10 years to achieve these outcomes.

My entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by these case studies and the immense investment potential inside the beverage industry.

Having gotten my feet wet developing my first two consumer brands and a beverage-technology company before graduating college, I had come to decide that good companies solve existing problems better than their competitors, but transformative companies solve new problems that their competitors have yet to see – or in ONE ROQ’s case, are willing to acknowledge.

The ‘Aha’ Moment

Observing the societal dynamics and marketing practices in the alcohol industry, I recognized a gap.

The market was rife with misleading advertising by brands that sold illusions rather than experiences.

This realization sparked the idea of creating a brand that offered more than just a product – a brand that embodied authenticity and provided real value.

With a dream of delivering a paradigm-shifting experience to the market, the idea of the worlds first luxury brand owned by the market consumed me for months.

As I envisioned our end-customer: hardened by life’s journey, free-thinking, independent, maverick, strong-willed, and enlightened, the notion of being “one” and a “rock” fused, and the name ONE ROQ was born.

Putting together such a concept took luck, timing, money, and careful analysis of percolating cultural trends.

The Launch, Market Forces & Our Basis For Scale

With equity crowdfunding emerging as a viable platform to facilitate ownership at scale, we seized the opportunity to launch ONE ROQ as one of the market’s first consumer-owned luxury alcohol brands with StartEngine in Oct of 2018.

From 2019 to 2021, ONE ROQ conducted not one, but two successful back-to-back $1M seed offerings, becoming one of the most popular wine & spirits Offerings in crowdfunding.

Behind the scenes, proceeds began pouring into building out and testing our envisioned e-commerce membership platform that would become the core funnel for consumers to join the crusade of ONE ROQ.

We made sure to produce small lots of inventory to supply the growing orders from new members, but a majority of energy and resources went to technology, web pages, apps, user experience, email and push note automations, product and process improvements, building a solid PR profile, and conducting initial events (before Covid lockdowns) to let the world know ONE ROQ was real and we were coming!

The key driver to our momentum? A good product, yes. A good idea, yes. More important though, was our ability to launch and sustain a paid digital advertising funnel that brought more and more people to our digital properties and venture.

Over the course of the 19′ to 21′ development period, we invested an estimated $400k into paid digital advertising with Facebook (our only advertising platform).

The Results 📈

  • We acquired just under 5,000 Investor-Members
  • We raised $2M in micro-investments.
  • We generated approximately $750k in retail-valued sales.

    = an astounding 587% return on Ad Spend

With this proof of concept (Basis) formed from Round 1 and 2, all focus was now riding on Offering 3, where proceeds would be used to begin scaling!

However, in 2022, the unthinkable happened.

We were hit with a year-long supply chain disruption on our bottles because major suppliers were buying up all the glass around the world during Covid.

In tandem, annual compliance delays (also stemming from Covid) delayed the launch of Offering 3 for the entire year.

Without new inventory to produce and access to capital from Investors like you, we were forced to reduce activities and conserve our cash.

2022 was a wash… but, we still held the basis!

We knew if we could just get to Offering 3, and be funded, we could turn back on our funnels, and begin to scale.

Eventually, in February of this year, after parting with StartEngine due to their increasing platform fees, we were finally able to publish Offering 3 through a self-directed Reg CF offering page.

Today, I am excited to share we now stand on the brink of being able to relaunch our funnels, scale our basis and realize our vision of becoming the market’s first connoisseur-owned luxury adult beverage brand.

While celebrity-owned brands continue their all-for-me, none-for-you marketing campaigns, ONE ROQ is waiting in the shadows to unleash an epic war on the alcohol establishment with our proven and highly disruptive Own Your Spirit campaign.

Your Role in ONE ROQ’s Future, Should You Accept It:

Right now, I believe we are at the forefront of a revolution in the luxury adult beverage industry, a journey set to rival the legends of Snapple, Grey Goose, Vitamin Water, Aviation Gin, Proper 12, Casamigos, and many more.

I believe your decision to reinvest and spread the word will launch a transformative era for ONE ROQ, positioning us not just as a market participant but as a rapid, future market leader,

With our distinctive digital, direct-to-consumer business model, your re-investment could drive systematic outcomes and propel ONE ROQ to the next level.

I invite you to be part of this opportunity.

Here’s why your continued partnership is crucial & excitingly opportunistic:

  • Revolutionizing Consumer Engagement: ONE ROQ isn’t just offering products; we’re redefining the consumer experience with a superior value proposition rooted in taste, ownership and rewards.
  • Authenticity over Illusion: We’re committed to delivering genuine, measurable brand experiences that empower and uplift consumers, rather than empty promises peddled by others
  • An Indestructible Moat: an unparalleled value proposition that we believe competitors can’t defend against unless they fundamentally change their business models, which their shareholders will likely not allow anyway
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We’re not just a vodka; we’re a value system that places all consumers, regardless of race and income, in the owner position.
  • Exclusive Insider Benefits: Our unique array of marketing partnerships opens doors to benefits previously inaccessible to the average consumer. Not only ownership, but millions of insider hospitality perks and benefits at member-exclusive rates.
  • Transforming Purchases into Investments: We enable consumers to change their relationship with beverage purchases, turning them into a strategic financial choice rather than a net loss.
  • Strategic Market Navigation: Our direct control over sales and marketing processes allows us to circumvent traditional industry barriers and not reply on 3rd parties to build our brand.
  • Data-Driven Growth: With a model that tracks Customer Acquisition Cost and lifetime value, we possess unprecedented insights that will empower us to scale safely and predictably.
  • Proven Growth Potential: Our track record demonstrates a clear ability to grow when our funding targets are met. Investment = Growth.
  • Leading with Innovation: Our world-class digital marketing team and coming advanced AI integrations are poised to leapfrog our competition.
  • Responsive Innovation: ONE ROQ employs real-time feedback loops with its community of members to continuously refine and innovate products, features, and benefits.
  • Growth Engineering: We are ready with proven growth-engineering methodologies to ensure sustainable growth for investors.
  • Building an Influencer Network: We’re on track to construct a vast influencer network, leveraging equity & uncontested brand experience to dominate online alcohol.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Our diverse income sources include our core spirits, two digital rewards subscriptions, merchandise, and potential supplier brand partner fees, opening the opportunity for even greater revenue potential.
  • Member-Driven Business Model: Our unique model provides built-in levers for members to support growth and success through a $12 subscription, and using the club for their annual alcohol purchases and gifts.
  • Enormous Upside Potential For Investor-Members: Unlike many markets, the adult beverage industry maintains a solid 15+ year trend where brands able to achieve $10M in topline become acquired for averages of 20X their revenues. I.e. $10M in revenues = $200M exit valuation; $25M revenues = $500M exit valuation; $50M in revenues = $1B exit valuation.

    That means Investors like could stand to realize anywhere from 8 to 100X your investment if we are able to achieve the minimum threshold of sales.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to rekindle the momentum we had pre-Covid and together write a new chapter in the luxury alcohol market, go to our Live Investment Page now and Invest, today.

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our shared vision.

Together, I believe we stand at the cusp of something remarkable, if we rise together one more time.

Warm regards,

J. Garrett Green, Founder