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March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020 – 

Our Service During Covid-19 Mandates

Members, I and the rest of the ONE ROQ team are monitoring the current situation arising from nationwide quarantine mandates due to COVID-19. During these trying times, and in light of increased risks associated with being anywhere aside from home, ONE ROQ is pleased to extend its direct-to-home delivery services for all those who may desire a cocktail or two to supply a break from this temporary reality. For your added safety and satisfaction, we have instructed each of our fulfillment retailers who are packing orders to wipe down bottles with disinfectant, and all personnel handling the bottles to wear gloves. Today through May 1st, we are instating a 35% off Members and Non-Members promotion on bottle delivery. To access, use code: TakeABreak, which can be used on the Members-only order page. For those who reside in our no-ship states, we appreciate your patience and support, and we hope not only for the safety of you and your family, but that you’ve found another way to take a break throughout this. Finally, we ask that all Members keep our collective future in perspective. The medical, economic, and social burden affecting the world is going to pass. In the meantime, bunker down, hold tight, and know that life, and prosperity, will restore. Yours in solidarity, Garrett Green and the ONE ROQ team *** For  a chronological list of company news, press releases, and all other historical updates since the company’s founding, please refer to the Updates section of our Offering page.  

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