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July 19, 2021

ONE ROQ Raspberry Sells Out + We’ve Launched Our Long-awaited E-Vote Privilege.

With ONE ROQ Raspberry, our first limited release flavor of 2021, sold out in record time, we thought it would be the perfect time to roll out our long-awaited E-Vote privilege with our first live community vote.  As a Member of the ORVC, your vote will decide which of our signature flavors will be released as part of our upcoming Fall/Winter season !

 Voting allows for just 1 choice among ONE ROQ Raspberry, ONE ROQ Loganberry, ONE ROQ Dark Chocolate Truffle or “New Flavor.”  Just be aware that potential new flavors will be considered for the 2021 calendar year only. To Vote, take the below link now or simply login to your Member dashboard to cast your Vote before Aug 1st !  

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