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Stay Engaged With This Communications Checklist


December 14, 2021

Stay engaged with important updates, offers and more, with this communications Checklist:

  • Check ONE ROQ Start Engine updates or the ONE ROQ Reading Room once a week.
  • If you are an investor, be sure you are able to access your Membership platform at: oneroqclub.com/member
  • Follow us on your preferred social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter or Youtube. Simply locate the search bar and begin typing “ONE ROQ” and our official accounts will populate. Also, liking, commenting and sharing our posts significantly helps grow our brand online and helps us beat platform algorithms that limit the audience reach of our posts
  • Download the ONE ROQ Club app through your Apple App store or Android Google Play store, and enable notifications by opening the app in your phone’s “Settings,” (usually signified by a gear box on your home screen that looks like this: ⚙️).

For questions or help, reply to this email or live chat us at ONEROQClub.com


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