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Final | 2020 Year In Review


June 13, 2021

Our Final  2020 Year In Review and Future Outlook Report is here and we want all Members and Investors to give it a thorough read. Read it here now, or at startengine.com/oneroq under our Updates section. 

Final | 2020 Year in Review

In January, 2021 we shared our pro-forma Year In Review (YIR) containing estimated figures of our 2020 business performance. Below is our Finalized 2020 Year in Review, with final numbers,  key accomplishments, Covid effects, and our 2021 Outlook.  
A notable difference between the pro-forma and final YIR is a 100% increase in actual sales from originally reported!

So here it is. Please read, enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask questions live through our website, by e-mailing us, or setting a phone meeting with Management at: contact@oneroqclub.com 

Industry & Pandemic

2020 caught the world by surprise, forcing  many industries to confront the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of their businesses and business models.  In the alcohol industry, we saw both hardship and boom as Pandemic induced shutdowns shuttered bars & restaurants across the nation, but bolstered bottle sales through liquor stores and e-commerce platforms.  Even so, only staple brands, and a very small number of young digitally-savvy brands benefited from these abrupt industry headwinds.  We are excited – and humbled –  to share we were one of these unique brands. Thank you, YahooFinance.com for naming us a top 10 entrepreneur company in 2020. 

Market Growth

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