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Club Bylaws

  1. Member. A “Member” is defined by one who purchases equity in the company or purchase a one-time Membership Fee.
  2. Owner Membership. An “Owner Membership” is defined by one who purchases a minimum (2 shares) or maximum (250 shares) offered by the company during an offering period and purchases at least 1 case per year from the club.
  3. Offering Periods. “Offering Periods” refer to period of time that the company desires to offer stock to the public for the purposes of growing membership or raising additional capital. During these offering periods “stock” will be presented to the public in Membership Levels.
  4. Membership Levels. Memberships are offered in “levels” to denote quantity of shares purchased by member-owners. All levels provide the same level access to Member Benefits.
  5. Non-Owner Membership. “Non-Owner Memberships” are defined by those who purchase a one-time fee of $100.00 and order (6) bottles (1 case) of product per year via to access the club benefits.
  6. Member Benefits. “Member Benefits” include: Up to 250 Shares of company stock; a life-time discount on all ONE ROQ products and Services including its distilled spirits products via and participating retailers; a discount on entry fees and cocktails at company produced events; an annual dividend based upon a percentage of a Member’s club use (in profitable years); an electronic vote on matters presented by the company including new product introductions, distillery location, and club bylaws. via e-mail and newsletter; first right of refusals to invest in new opportunities presented by the company; Additional Stock, Dividends or online store credits when Members refer friends; the opportunity to sell their stock after 2-3 years and buy back in at a discount.
  7. Membership Status. “Membership Status” refers to the ‘standing’ of a Member in the club. Good standing is maintained by purchasing a minimum of 6 bottles (1 case) per year via (Member Dues). Under the condition where a Member does not meet the annual minimum purchase requirement, Member Benefits may be suspended. These include:
    1. Member Discount
    2. Event Access
    3. Voting Rights
    4. Dividend
    5. Referral Rewards
    6. Additional Stock or First Right Investment Offerings Note, Member Equity is considered a “Club Benefit.” However, Member equity cannot be revoked from a Member under any condition.
  8. Pricing. The Non-Member Market Price shall be: $40.00 for the Liter and $34.99 for the 750mL. The Member Price shall be: $32.00 for a Liter and $29.99 for the 750mL.
  9. Dividends. Members may receive an annual payment based upon a percentage of their annual club use in profitable years. Members may choose to accept or donate this dividend to charity. Members who do not donate will be required to pay taxes on this dividend if otherwise accepted as income.
  10. Voting. Members will have the right to vote on company initiatives and opportunities as offered by the company. These initiatives and opportunities include new product offerings, advertising campaigns, club bylaws, the plotting & design of the company’s distillery, and additional items to be determined by the company.