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Class Up Your Cook Out

Food and Drink

April 20, 2021

Spicy Lobster Rolls, Drunken Ceviche and ONE ROQ Blackberry Lemonade

Grab your friends and grab that ONE ROQ Vodka because cookout season is upon us. Today we are serving up Spicy Lobster Rolls, Drunken Ceviche and a Blackberry Lemonade. I heard somewhere that it’s bad luck to eat ceviche when it’s not a sunny day, so save this recipe for the sunshine. The flavors all mesh together wonderfully and your guests will be asking you to make it again all summer long. Give the grill a break and use only fresh ingredients for this meal, you’ll thank me.

Let’s get things started with the ONE ROQ Blackberry Lemonade so you have something to sip on while you’re cooking, and something to quench the thirst of your guests when they’re salivating!

Blackberry Lemonade:

1 1/2 Cup Sugar

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