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Cheers, Dad


June 15, 2021

Last week, ONE ROQ Spirits rolled out its CheersToDad  Father’s Day promotion featuring branded Titleist ProV1Golf Balls, a bottle of super-premium ONE ROQ Vodka and ONE ROQ Club Membership. The promotion offers 35% off purchases of balls and vodka and instruction on how to purchase and title new shares in Dad’s name.   See special Instructions at the end of this update on best practices when buying shares for Dad. 

Copies of the outstanding campaigns assets developed by our marketing team are shared below. Note: these images are for presentation purposes only and images of clickable links are not programmed in the images. For Investors interested in these potential gifts, please visit ONEROQClub.com and click “Taste” to be taken to the ONE ROQ bottle store. 

Instructions For Buying Shares For Dad

If purchasing shares for Dad, be sure to  create an account under an email specifically for that purpose and enter all of Dad’s personal information when setting up the account.

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