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Changes Are Coming. For The Better.


October 23, 2021

Community Notice

Ahead of, and related to our long-awaited Road to Greatness Initiative,  we want investors to be aware that strategic changes are now underway to ONE ROQ’s Business Model that we believe will enhance our ability to grow sales, pursue exciting marketing objectives, and thrive in a changing digital advertising environment. And more importantly, extract maximum value for investors.

The Changes 

In simple terms, ONEROQClub.com, ONE ROQ Vodka’s differentiated brand experience and rewards platform, is transitioning from an “Invest to Join'” model (where $100 includes equity + complimentary access to all privileges of the ORVC)  to a  “Subscribe to Join” model  (where a new, low-cost monthly subscription will unlock enhanced ONE ROQ Club privileges & rewards) and the option to invest in the ONE ROQ Spirits company would unlock 60% off Subscription. 

So I now need to pay for rewards as an investor?

Absolutely not. All founding investors before the transition date  will continue to receive their baseline Club privileges as part of the terms of their original investment.  Though we will strongly encourage you to consider the upgrade to support the Company’s ramp up period and of course, test drive the new benefits. 

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