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Announcing Members-Only Party at Art Basel 2019


November 18, 2019

November 18th, 2019 – ONE ROQ announces sponsorship for the 2019 SELECT Art Basel opening party, celebrating the world’s foremost art exhibition. Included in sponsorship and posting this live update, ONE ROQ is issuing 25 exclusive Member-only passes, allowing one guest per Member pass. To claim your ticket, e-mail: Events@ONEROQClub.com. Tickets will be reserved on a first-to-claim basis. About The Event Attendees The event will take place at a private gallery and comprise of 300 to 400-plus guests, including SELECT and ORVC Members, press, investors, influencers, and celebrities. These art-appreciating guests are coming in from all over the country to attend Art Basel in Miami. Exposure The event will be promoted to a 550,000+ person database, and 21,000 active-paying members will receive official invitations. There is also guaranteed media coverage. About Art Basel  More than 200 international modern and contemporary art galleries will display their work, which features paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, film, video, and digital art from over 4,000 artists. Visitors will see pieces by young creators, along with museum-caliber masterpieces from all corners of the world. Over 100,000 visitors attend annually. For more information, visit: https://www.artbasel.com/miami-beach Secure Your First-To-Claim Ticket To attend the SELECT Opening Party @ Art Basel 2019, which is sponsored exclusively by your’s truly, e-mail: Events@ONEROQClub.com Cheers, ORVC Events Team *** For  a chronological list of company news, press releases, and all other historical updates since the company’s founding, please refer to the Updates section of our Offering page.

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