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Announcing 3rd Quarter Sales Up 355% Compared to Prior Year

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ONE ROQ Luxury Vodka ( reports 3rd consecutive quarter of positive growth in 2020, despite Pandemic, highlighting pioneering business model in adult beverage industry

Oct 9, 2020, San Diego, CA – Today, ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of ONE ROQ Vodka (ONE, reports its 3rd positive quarter of online sales growth as it runs its first year of operations in Pandemic and industry-wide market transformation.

“While we have not been immune to the effects of Covid-19, this unprecedented period in the beverage alcohol market – and US retail as a whole — has given us the opportunity to observe and validate the positive timing of ONE ROQ and its business approach,” states Green, Director. “While the stage of the company and pandemic should be kept in perspective, we are pleased to report organic community bottle sales were up 366% in the 3rd quarter compared to prior year, not including non-alcohol merchandise sales.”

ONE ROQ credits its business model for growing sales while providing a superior vodka for the connected and financially minded consumer. It also credits the model for insulating it from becoming another start-up causality of the industry.

“Traditional beverage company models essentially force sell a year’s worth of inventories into distributors and hope those distributors generate sales to retailers, whereas ONE ROQ’s sales are currently driven and measured directly by the end-user,” states Green. “We believe this brings a new component to the brand valuation model that we are just beginning to see the potential of. ”

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