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Amazon Must-Haves to Make Social Distancing More Tolerable


May 26, 2020

ONE ROQ Members should feel comfortable and relaxed during isolation, so we’ve listed a few must-have products that will make this quarantine period more tolerable. And best of all, they’re all on Amazon and can be delivered to your door this week. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream If you’ve been washing your hands more now than ever, it’s time to invest in some high-quality hand cream. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is one of the best moisturizing creams on the market today. You can get a pocket-sized cream and a container that’s meant to sit by the sink.  You can buy it here for $14. Safety Razor Kit Everyone has grooming needs, so we want to make sure you look as best as you possibly can during this quarantine period. Here’s a luxury shaving kit that includes razors, pre-shave oil, after-shave balm, and everything else you need to get rid of peach fuzz, dead skin, and more.  You can buy it here for $60. The AmazonBasics Classic Leather Padded Desk Chair If you’re forced to work from home during this time, you need to be as comfortable as possible. It’s time to invest in a modern desk chair that’s adjustable and ergonomic. You can buy it here for $75. The Qiaya Selfie Light Ring Zoom meetings have taken the world by storm and some are even using video conferencing to host virtual happy hours. Why not stand out during these meetings? The Qiaya ring can clip onto a cellphone, computer, iPad, or other device. It is compact, charged with a USB cord, and adjustable to fit the preferences of the user.  You can buy it here for $20. The Roku Ultra There are a ton of new movies and TV shows being released on pretty much every streaming service. A Roku Ultra will let everyone consume it all. It’s compatible with Hulu, Apple TV, HBO, and more. It even comes with a voice-controlled remote. You can buy it here for $80. The Paperwhite from Kindle With all the time in the world to finally knock books off the list, the Kindle Paperwhite is the device to make it happen. It has 24 different levels of illumination and is even waterproof. This is the perfect way to pass time during the pandemic.  You can buy it here for $150. The D-Link Smart Router Fast internet is more important than ever. Skype, Facebook, and Netflix all require solid internet connections. A good Wi-Fi router is a necessity. This is where the D-Link smart router comes in handy. It’s easy to install and provides lightning-fast internet.  You can buy it here for $143. The Zen as F*ck Journal Everyone needs to vent their thoughts. Why not use this journal? It has thousands of reviews and provides hilarious writing prompts.  You can buy it here for $9. The Pooch Selfie As seen on Shark Tank, this is the perfect product to enhance quality time with the pup. This clips easily to the top of the phone and holds the attention of puppies long enough to get that perfect pic.  You can buy it here for $10. 

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