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7 Travel Apps That Will Make Your Life Much Easier


November 26, 2019

Travel and curiosity drives the ONE ROQ lifestyle, while also giving you a different perspective of the world. And when you’re navigating an unfamiliar city, you want to make the most out of the experience while avoiding all inconveniences. Thankfully, the phone in your pocket is the way to do so.  The apps you download before your next trip can keep you organized and give you a bit of spontaneity at the same time. So, if you’re ready to open yourself up to a new adventure, we’ve listed seven iOS and Android apps that will transform the way you globetrot.  Hopper You probably have a few third-party apps that help find airfare and accommodations, but they aren’t Hopper. This app tells you the exact moment you should snag plane tickets and hotel reservations to get the best deal. The notifications are quick and accurate, so you’re able to budget accordingly.  Price: Free. App in the Air App in the Air is another must-have that presents you with all of your flight information. The platform is organized and quick to reference at the tap of a finger. You’ll have up-to-date information on your flight status, how much time you have between checking in and boarding, and a preview of the current weather at your destination. Who knew getting through the airport could be so smooth?  Price: Free with paid upgrade available.  Trip It Book your trip, then pass along the confirmation details to plans@tripit.com. In one simple step, you’ll have a customized, master itinerary at your fingertips. Flights, car rentals, and hotel reservations are all bundled together in one easy-to-navigate package so you’re not constantly scrambling, missing connections, or juggling a bunch of emails.  Price: Free with paid upgrade available. Roadtrippers Map out your freewheeling route and track down hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path delights, and can’t-miss landmarks with the Roadtrippers app. You’ll be able to lay out a ton of great activities after simply adding in a location. No one will ever have to ask, “What’s there to do?” Price: Free. Google Translate From Afrikaans to Yiddish, Google Translate helps you navigate more than 1,000 languages, including roughly 60 others you can translate in offline mode. At lightning speed, you can take a photo of text and have the app decipher it for you. And with the playback mode, you’re able to master tricky pronunciation. From driving around a new city to scanning a restaurant menu, Google Translate’s got you covered in the lingo department. Price: Free Hotel Tonight If you decided last minute to add an extra night in a new city, turn to Hotel Tonight for 11th-hour accommodations at great prices. Enjoy the freedom of going where you want, when you want, with the comfort of knowing you’ll have a place to sleep at night.  Price: Free.  Citymapper Decode the ins-and-outs of public transportation so you can hit the ground running in unfamiliar territory with Citymapper, which covers metropolises from Moscow to Manchester to Melbourne. New York City visitors have named this one a fan favorite. Price: Free. Before you head out on your next trip, keep this list of handy apps in mind. And when you touch down in a new city, be sure to tag @oneroq_vodka in your adventures.

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