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5 Must-Have Pieces for Summer 2021


June 21, 2021

5 Must-Have Pieces for Summer 2021  

Now that COVID-19 has taken a backseat thanks to mask mandates, social distancing, and vaccines, it seems everyone can once again enjoy a summer together. Here are 5 must-have pieces to keep you stylish for summer 2021.

1. A Breathable Golf Polo

    Don’t sweat it on the golf course with a high-quality polo shirt designed to keep you cool and dry while you play. It’s a good idea to have more than one!

    Our Pick: ONE ROQ Men’s PoloONE ROQ Women’s Polo

    Why: ROQ polos are a perfect way to stay classy and represent your favorite brands. Unlike other promotional golf polos, ROQ fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable.

    2. A Classic Summer Shoe (For Him & Her!)

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