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5 Fashion Brands for a Minimalist Wardrobe


August 27, 2020

If you want to stand out this summer while staying comfortable and casual, you’ll need to minimize your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you should completely clear your closet – Instead, replace those clothes you’ll never wear again with minimalist pieces from one of these 5 fashion brands with a variety of pieces for men and women. J. Crew J. Crew isn’t new or unknown, but it is a clothing brand that should never be overlooked. To avoid gender biasness, they recently decided to include minimal summer wear for women. Known for their vast selections of summer wear, J. Crew delivers some of the best shirts, shorts, polos, and other light clothing. Whether you’re heading to the beach or attending a summer wedding, J. Crew has light, airy clothing that’ll cool you down in the warmest temperatures. H&M H&M might be on the cheaper side, but the brand has such a variety that it’s impossible to overlook. You can find simple jeans for a casual night out. Or summer shorts for your beachside lunch. You’ll also find a ton of minimal accessories, from wallets to socks. H&M is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a simple outfit that you don’t care to wear again.  John Lewis & Partners Ladies, John Lewis & Partners is where all your summer needs are taken care of. The brand  eliminates boredom that comes with minimal attire, and offers a variety of pieces from head-to-toe outfits, to smaller accessories. That light, whimsical dress you’ve wanted all summer is at John Lewis & Partners.  COS Driven by minimalism, COS manufactures some of the best summer staples that are timeless and standard. The brand tailors every cloth and ensures that they are durable and can last for over four summers. The end products are unique silhouettes with a perfect blend of colors, attractive, and always in demand. Mark & Spencer Mark & Spencer clothing boosts your moods every time you put on a piece. The brand is always looking forward to making their summer wear minimal and beautiful with floral patterns, and the perfect accessories to match, like strappy sandals, fabric handbags, and rose-tinted sunglasses.  Weekday This Swedish brand is committed to making summer feel like the early 2000’s era. With the golden age and minimalism in mind, Weekday manufactures the best-fitted transparent tops paired with slung jeans that feel playful and sexy. And to make your summer wear complete, Weekday also manufactures summer underwear to complement their clothing so that you feel cool and fresh all over. 

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