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February 25, 2022
A friendly reminder to the community that ONE ROQ’s Tulum Escape Referral Contest comes to an end today at 11:59PM Eastern!Whether participating or spectating, contest details and the live...

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  1. Hello, I definitely think these contests are a great idea! Good way for other people/investors to fuel engagement with the company.

    One small suggestion I would like to make for the future – when we put in our referrals, it would be great if some type of introductory e-mail with a link gets sent directly to the persons’ e-mail address, possibly with their first name attached, since it’s supplied along with the address when we officially add the referral.

    Let me know your thoughts when possible. Thanks for your time!

    Kevin Pedrick

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Great suggestion here.

    If you navigate to the “Share Like a Pro” tab on the right side of the “Refer.Earn.Win” home page, and then scroll down, there are options that allow you to “Send a Text,” “Send an Email*” and soon, “Share A Link.”

    We will run the idea of adding an auto-generated email when you enter Referrals as well !

    Thanks for this, Kevin!

  3. Oh ok, great! Thanks for your time, I greatly appreciate it!

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