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10 Things You Can Buy That Make Working From Home Easier


Working at home might be a new way of life for some people, and we want to help you with the transition from the office. We’ve made a list of 10 items you can buy online that will help you stay productive, focused, and comfortable as you settle into your new work environment. 

Comfortable desk chair

When it comes to items that can make or break your overall sense of wellbeing, your desk chair tops the list. Make sure you choose something like this simple, but effective swivel chair from Amazon that offers solid lumbar support and a great range of movement for maximum comfort.

Portable sound system

Never underestimate the power of your favorite music when it comes to staying happy and productive at work. A portable Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to bring your jams along with you whether you’re staying in the office and buckling down today or temporarily moving to the porch for some fresh air and a little sunshine.

Reliable Wi-Fi router

Although there’s never a good time for the Wi-Fi to be down, a solid connection is especially critical when you’re working from home every day. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to something you can count on like this Google-approved routing system. It’s quick, it’s reliable, and it blends seamlessly into any home office décor scheme. 

Exercise mat

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