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10 Simple Ways You Can Redecorate Your Home for Summer


August 4, 2020

Redecorating your house or apartment this summer is the perfect way to bring life and energy back into your home. And with so many people around the country still in quarantine, it’s important that you jazz up the space you spend the most time in. That’s why we’ve listed 10 ways that you can make your home feel like a vibrant, comfy paradise.  Switch out the duvet. With summer in full swing, it is time to break out a new duvet. Think about using light fabrics like linen and cotton to keep yourself cool at night. Try to find a duvet that has brighter colors and more playful prints than you’re used to.  Hand-make accessories fit for summer. Think about adding some handcrafted décor that uses natural colors and materials. Whether you’re DIYing a picture frame, painting flower vases, or hand-making throw pillows for your couch, a personal touch makes the space feel more intimate.  Set up an outdoor bar. Outdoor kitchens and bars are incredibly popular home renovation projects, but they don’t always have to be difficult. Think about finding a unique bar cart and wheel it outside with a high table and bar chairs. This is a simple, inexpensive way to entertain outside without breaking the bank.  Switch out the rug. If you have a rug in your living room, it has probably been there for a while. Think about swapping it out for a more contemporary summer rug. Target warm colors with reds and yellows to pull in the brightness from outdoors.  Set up outdoor lights. Summer parties can last deep into the light, so make sure you have adequate lighting. String lights, lanterns, or fire pits are a great way to add dim light to outdoor spaces while people socialize.  Change up your shower curtain. Shower curtains should be switched out more than people realize, so why not swap your current one with something more fun? Try to find summer prints and bright colors to make your bathroom feel airy and whimsical.  Bring nature inside. If you want to create a sustainable feel inside your home, then why not decorate with some plants? They come in all colors and shapes, allowing you to easily tailor them to meet your tastes. Better yet, find some that have pleasant scents! Change up your seating areas.  If you are going to have indoor summer gatherings, then set up a casual gathering area. Futons are an important element of summer decorating. Pair these futons with low-profile tables that are perfect for summer lounging. Style the summer dinner table. It’s time to swap out your centerpieces. Get rid of the dark, cool-toned pieces and add flowers and greenery to the table to give the room some life.  Add an accent wall to your room. An accent wall can give a room a lot of dimension. Take a look around your home and pick out a room that could use some pizazz. Then choose a wall that might sit behind a bookshelf, couch, or bed and paint it a different color or give it some printed wallpaper. 

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