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Update 12/20/15: Status of Fight After Party Sponsorship


December 15, 2021

****This communication is not viewable by the public, and is strictly Confidential for investors only.

New. Published December 20, 2021

Last week on Thursday the 16th of December, Management held meeting with American Dream Presents, (contract holder of Logan Paul’s next produced boxing event),  to discuss the status of the Mike Tyson Vs Logan Paul exhibition fight in which ONE ROQ has secured contract to become exclusive sponsor and host to the After Party.  In this meeting it was confirmed that Mr Tyson, American Dream Presents, and Triller, the former producer of Mike’s last exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr, are in a process of negotiating terms for the event. 

Due to the timing which continues to expire, it was also discussed that a change of date would now be possible to allow for planning.  However, before a change of date can be announced, resolution between Mike and Triller need to be established. 

“The producers of the event understand that ONE ROQ represents thousands of investors, and have remained diligent with keeping us informed,” shares Management. “This event would generate millions in revenues for the main event producers, so it goes without saying that all  the parties want to get a deal done so they can move forward.”

We want to remind investors that ONE ROQ holds a failsafe option in its agreement with the producers guaranteeing our investment, but do not see that as a scenario needing to be addressed at the moment.

For questions regarding this update, or for meeting requests with management, contact us at contact@oneroqclub.com or live chat via ONEROQClub.com


Published December 15th, 2021

****This communication is a private communication to our investors, is not viewable by the public, and is Confidential and strictly intended for our investors.

We wanted to check in and provide update regarding the pending “Logan Paul Vs. Mike Tyson” Exhibition Fight and After Party that ONE ROQ has gone under contract for Sponsorship.

At present, the fight is tentatively scheduled for President’s Day weekend with official date and location still pending official announcement. 

We are eagerly awaiting final announcement to confirm these details so we can move into the raffle for our 40 or so pledgees, and allow winners the opportunity to make their plans.

We expect to receive another update towards the end of this week.

Management is also able to take calls on this by request if needed. Simply email contact@oneroqclub.com or live chat to request meeting.


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