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Top Factors of Successes To Date + Meet The Team


December 8, 2021

As we reflect on our achievements to date and the opportunity it presents to the ONE ROQ brand as a new entrant in our massive industry, we obsess with understanding and maintaining the formula that is ensuring continued growth and value creation for our Members and shareholders.  Here, we frame 4 factors that we believe are contributing to our startup success to date, and why it is important we embrace and maintain them. 

The Idea

We believe ONE ROQ Vodka Club continues to be an Idea with great promise for investors and families. And that idea is a luxury brand that succeeds in delivering pleasure through on-demand and automated delivery of exceptional products, exclusive social experience through extraordinary events (soon to be reactivated); content and interactive voting activities that guide company direction; premium rewards through strategic partnerships; and financial opportunity through investment and sharing.  And believe it or not, more is on the way.


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