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Official. ONE ROQ Will Sponsor and Host After Party of Tyson Vs Paul Fight In February

Company News

November 5, 2021

ONE ROQ completes funding to secure Agreement to sponsor and host After Party of the next global celebrity-boxing event between Mike Tyson and Logan Paul.  

We are pleased to announce that as of 5pm Pacific Time, on Thursday, November 4th we successfully completed the conversion of pledges totaling $30,000, activating our Agreement with American Dream Presents. This will officially secure exclusive category Sponsorship to the Logan Paul Vs. Mike Tyson Fight After Party in February!

A huge congratulations to our Investors and a very special thanks – and toast – to those who rose to the occasion, not missing a beat to help secure this enormous marketing opportunity. Through the Sponsorship, ONE ROQ will benefit from scaled media exposure, a strengthening of relationships across the entertainment  industry, and most importantly, inside our own beverage alcohol industry.  As part of our plan, we will be taking full advantage  to maximize PR opportunities to maximize contract creation  leading up, during and after this event. 

We look forward to positioning ONE ROQ as the exclusive After Party pour for entertainers, celebrities, athletes and investors from around the globe,  setting the stage for what we anticipate to be a break out year in 2022 for ONE ROQ.

Next Steps to Note:

 – While we finalize contracts with American Dream, marketing will be be getting to work on preparing important communication guidelines that will define when, what and how we are able to promote ourselves in connection with this event. So for now, we ask all Members to refrain from public posting until we have those official guidelines in place. In the interim, word of mouth is strongly encouraged !

 – We will plan to conduct our raffle for the event tickets  for those that participated to bring this to fruition as early in December as possible to allow those individuals the ability to make travel arrangements to the event.

More to come.


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