ONE ROQ Spirits is conducting a Live Reg CF Testing of Waters.
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$235,320.25 Raised/Committed
244 Investors

No money or other consideration is being solicited through this Reservation Offering, and if sent, will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities will be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is filed, and only through an intermediary's platform. Finally, a prospective purchaser's indication of interest is non-binding, meaning, one does not need to commit or act upon the Reservation Interest when the Offering becomes live.

Offering III

ONE ROQ Spirits is conducting a live Offering under Reg D and Testing the Waters under Reg CF. Investments are processed based on Investor qualifications.


ONE ROQ Spirits is the producer of the luxury-American vodka brand, ONE ROQ®, and, a visionary rewards platform, concierge, and member community aimed at disrupting the 1 trillion global adult beverage alcohol sector.

Offering III builds on the momentum of ONE ROQ’s prior two, oversubscribed funding rounds, where it successfully raised $1.7 million to bring our platform to fruition and achieve key testing to validate a working business model. Funding in this round will be used to transition the company from development mode to sales mode in order to materialize company value for its investors.

Invest or Reinvest today to join over 5,000 global investors powering the next stage of ONE ROQ's plan – and redeem a preferred rate Club Membership, unlocking exclusive deals on ONE ROQ, and 2,000+ premium adult beverage brands delivered direct to your doorstep – and more.


Offering Minimum: $9,999.82 | 12,658 shares of Equity Units

Offering Maximum: $3,937,540.91 | 4,984,229 shares of Equity Units

Type of Security Offered: Equity Units

Purchase Price of Security Offered: .79¢

Company Valuation: $42M

Minimum Investment Amount: $200.00


  • Traction: Last year, ONE ROQ generated its second consecutive year of growth with a 118% increase in sales, a 94% increase in registered app users, and a 71% increase in our investor base in comparison to the prior year (unaudited). Over 5,000 global shareholders have already joined ONE ROQ, committing just under $2M in capital to the Company's vision.
  • Massive Market with Attractive Brand Acquisition Activity: ONE ROQ is addressing one of the largest - and most resilient - markets in the world, generating over $1.4T in 2021, globally. Recent brand acquisitions include Casamigos Tequila ($1b in 2017), Aviation Gin ($610M in 2020), and Drizly ($1B in 2021).* (Source)
  • Excellent Timing: The e-commerce alcohol drink market was accelerated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, with over a quarter of the world’s 2 billion drinkers now ordering their alcohol online. This market is projecting growth of 65% by 2025 and is ripe for disruption.**
  • A Durable Competitive Advantage Ready to Scale: ONE ROQ is differentiating itself through a next-generation Membership platform delivering superior online buying advantages, lifestyle perks, and financial benefits to consumers.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: ONE ROQ will be generating multiple income channels via Distributors, Subscriptions, Branded Merchandise, Partnership Fees, and potential Royalties.
Offering III


*Information from IWSR, The Spirit Business, The Beverage Journal, and Forbes (Source | Source | Source | Source) **Information from Forbes (Source)


With the recent addition of Marketplace, ONE ROQ is now ready to commence a focused sales plan to materialize company value for investors.

Offering III
Offering III

ONE ROQ has been featured in news outlets such as Nasdaq, YahooFinance, New York Weekly, and more – all talking about ONE ROQ and its innovative Membership Club aimed at shaking up the $1 Trillion, global adult beverage market.

*The above testimonials are not a guarantee of future performance or success.


ONE ROQ is Redefining the Luxury Brand Experience through Member Rewards like No Other

Offering III


To achieve success, “Own Your Spirit.”

After years of observing celebrities and financial insiders get first dibs at alcohol investment deals, Founder, Garrett Green, abandoned the traditional business model to architect a new path through an exclusive Membership Club empowering the modern drinker to "Own Their Spirit."

Today, Garrett, the ONE ROQ Team, and over 5,000 shareholders invite you to discover the spirit daring to reimagine what the spirit can be.


Over the last 90 years in the adult beverage industry, billions have been pocketed by bankers, celebrities, and ultra-high net worth investors from alcohol deals done behind closed doors. ONE ROQ is opening those doors, allowing consumers to take control through a unique digital Membership that unlocks:

  • Investment & Fractional Ownership
  • Exclusive savings on over 2,000 popular alcohol and beverage brands delivered direct to home
  • Thousands of value-added fine dining, travel and entertainment rewards
  • And more

(Full Club Benefits are discussed under the section "ONE ROQ Differentiator.")

Offering III

We believe if you don’t own what you drink, then what you drink owns you. Join and drink ONE ROQ to define your standards, enhance your lifestyle, and claim what you deserve.

Offering III


The Beverage Alcohol Market is One of the Largest and most resilient Markets in the World – Growing Through Good and Bad Markets Historically

Offering III


  • The global adult beverage industry generated $1.4 trillion in annual sales in 2021 (Source) with well over 50% of volume represented by bottle purchases to supply home or gift-giving events (i.e., the Off-Premise) (Source)
  • Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, more than a quarter of global drinkers are now ordering alcohol online (Source)
  • A 12-Year historical market trend underlines continued brand acquisition opportunities for emerging brands able to achieve a minimum sales thresholds, or demonstrate a scalable marketing strategy.

The adult beverage industry is recognized as being among a select few industries that are able to sustain itself in strong, weak, and uncertain economies. The alcohol beverage market is driven by an increasing shift away from beer and wine towards premium spirits as part of an overall movement toward "high-end" consumption. This macro industry trend has led to the creation of numerous start-up brands over the last ten years seeking to establish themselves as credible niche players to position themselves as acquisition targets for major industry giants.

As a result, this market environment has led to a consistent demand by major suppliers to acquire successful niche brands that are able to break-through with unique category innovations, or scalable marketing strategies.

Vodka First.

ONE ROQ has chosen to begin with Premium, High-end Vodka. Vodka as a category accounts for approximately 27% of the total distilled spirits volume, with the high-end premium vodka sector growing at just under 11% per annum (Source). Additionally, Vodka also maintains an impressive 15-year+ track record of continuous YOY growth (Source).

Other Facts & Features

  • Vodka is the largest category by sales volume among all major spirit categories, reflecting its popularity among consumers worldwide (Source).
  • Vodka is one of the most efficient spirits to produce, requiring the least amount of lead-time compared to spirits such as Rum, Whiskey, Scotch and Tequila.

The below is a collection of brand acquisitions, their purchase values, and their revenues when they were acquired. The chart uses data from an internal worksheet assembled from first and second hand sources that were close the deals.

Offering III



ONE ROQ’s Award-winning, Super-Premium, Gluten-Free, & Non-GMO Vodkas Stand Above in Taste, Quality, and Design

Offering III

*The above graphic contains an image of a product that is still currently under development and not yet available on the market.

ONE ROQ produces its own line of internationally award-winning super-premium vodkas, and has the capability of expanding into additional alcoholic categories in the future with financing.

Our current product line consists of 4 flavors, with an additional flavor we have plans to launch soon. Our current portfolio includes:

  • ONE ROQ Legacy
  • ONE ROQ Loganberry
    (Seasonal Release)
  • ONE ROQ Raspberry
    (Seasonal Release)
  • ONE ROQ Dark Chocolate Truffle
    (Seasonal Release)
  • ONE ROQ Pineapple Peach
    (Coming Soon)


The ONE ROQ Vodka recipe is column distilled from 100%, non-GMO, American corn and a blend of native Colorado Mountain Water. We utilize a proprietary bathing process that allows ONE ROQ’s ethanol and water molecules to bond longer, giving it an exceptionally smooth mouth feel.

Unique Product Features

ONE ROQ maintains a wide range of food certifications, including: Gluten Free, Sulfite Free, Sodium Free, Vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO Certifications. We believe ONE ROQ is one of the only vodkas in the market to maintain all six (6) of these unique Certifications and Features.

Awards & Credentials

  • ONE ROQ Spirits has received numerous awards; most notably, a First Place Gold Medal for Taste & Design at the world's largest consumer-judged tasting competition, the International SIP Awards.
  • ONE ROQ also received a 95-point rating from The Proof Awards Podcast – a division of Food & Beverage Magazine.



The ONE ROQ Rewards Club |

Offering III is ONE ROQ Vodka’s durable differentiator; a pioneering, digital membership club where subscribers unlocks exclusive online shopping on ONE ROQ + 2,000 popular alcohol brands at exclusive Member prices; thousands of premium hospitality rewards, and financial opportunities to Subscribers.


Member Benefits

Offering III

24/7 Ordering & Gifting

Enjoy on-demand ordering & gifting of ONE ROQ + over 2000 premium wine & spirits products, delivered directly to your door.

Delivery restrictions may apply based on your location and state laws. Customers must show valid proof of legal drinking age. Service coverage currently includes the US with plans to expand into international markets such as the EU in the future.

Offering III

Member Discounts

Receive monthly codes & promotions beamed to your phone and dashboard, unlocking competitive, all-inclusive prices on the web for ONE ROQ + online alcohol and beverages. Members also enjoy exclusive discounts on official ONE ROQ lifestyle wearables, gifts, and merchandise.

Alcohol Shipments and Promotions are sanctioned by participating retailers.

Offering III

VIP Events

Receive complimentary or preferred rate access to exclusive social, sporting, art, and music events sponsored or produced by ONE ROQ, worldwide. You can even work with one of our Concierge specialists to unlock preferred rate tickets at special events of your choice.

ONE ROQ Events were temporarily suspended during the Covid-19 Pandemic but are anticipated to resume through Offering III.

Offering III


Participation in electronic votes and community initiatives to guide the Company's direction on things such as new products, marketing initiatives, and more.

Offering III


Members of the Club receive first access to our financial offerings, allowing you to become a stakeholder and grow potential investments with every purchase.

Offering III

Monthly Content

Receive exclusive content such as breaking Company news, Member spotlights. inspired lifestyle guides in travel, home entertainment, fashion, and more

Offering III

Carry Requests

Use the Carry Request tool in our app to request your favorite neighborhood bars, restaurants, and retailers carry ONE ROQ. This tool is used to demonstrate demand to wholesalers.

Activation and fulfillments are dependent on Retailer decision and status of the brand’s distribution in your market. Changes in the market from the Pandemic may affect the status of this platform feature.

Offering III

Share + Earn

Grow investments and earn real cash by inviting friends to the Club. Easy.

Offering III

Weekly Music

Enjoy the newest hits in-house and R&B beamed directly to your mobile device by our in-house DJ. Love a track?
Listen on your preferred streaming app and save to your favorites!

Additional music genres to be launched in the future.

Offering III

Premium Upgrades

Unlock premium rewards through the ONE ROQ – SELECT partnership, such as complimentary rounds of drinks and up to 75% off bills at over 1.6 million premier restaurants, hotels, night clubs, and online brands worldwide.

Offering III

Club House (Developing)

A visionary amenity poised to provide Members a place to meet, entertain, and enjoy world-class hospitality services in some of the Nation's most desirable cities. We have plans that this platform will officially introduce ONE ROQ's on-premise marketing strategy – allowing the Company to penetrate the other 50% of the $1.1 Trillion adult beverage market.

This perk is not yet available. If you invest, there is no guarantee it will be launch.


Better Drinking Awaits at ONE ROQ – and the numbers show it.

Offering III

At ONE ROQ, we're striving to build the first luxury brand owned and guided by the consumer. ONE ROQ | has already generated 5,000 global Investors and raised $2 million in capital since our inception. Proceeds to date have been used to build our envisioned technology and Membership experience platform, supply chain, and operating infrastructure – and now we're ready to scale.

Despite the global Covid-19 Pandemic and intermittent funding in 2021, we were able to increase our sales by 118%, increase our registered platform users by 94%, and increase our investor base by 71% (unaudited).

A Key Basis For Future Growth Potential

During trials from 2019 to 2021, ONE ROQ maintained a trailing subscriber conversion rate of approximately 4% when running paid advertising campaigns, suggesting in our opinion, that company growth is a function of being able to expand our online advertising campaigns and offline events.


A Major Opportunity for Further Growth & Our Strategy

We have built exciting technology through our desktop and mobile applications to bring ONE ROQ's envisioned Members Club to life. As previously discussed, during development and testing phases made possible through ONE ROQ’s Round I and Round II Offerings, the company was able to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (see Data section in Part II of ONE ROQ’s 2021 Annual Review) which we believe shows that future growth of the company is now a matter of scaling exposure of the platform.

Offering III

Thrust 1

Expand Online Advertising

ONE ROQ will aim to capitalize on this rate by launching paid advertising campaigns through an omni-channel approach that will encompass social media, youtube, google ad words, PR, and influencer marketing.

Offering III

ONE ROQ Vodka Club Banner Ads (FPO)

Offering III

ONE ROQ deploys proven creative and copywriting that converts our top, middle and bottom funnels, resulting in predictable Member Enrollment Costs/Rates of Return.

Offering III

Organic, Paid, & Influencer Campaigns will be launched to scale through our cut-through marketing platform.

Thrust 2

Reactivate Member Events

It’s time to resurrect our sponsored events at exclusive destinations around the world, extending complementary and preferred rate access to our Investors and Club Members.

ONE ROQ’s Most Recent Events

ONE ROQ @ NFL Legends Party During Super Bowl LVI (2022)

Offering III

Notable Past Events

X Games Aspen, Hamptons, Tribeca Film Festival, Art Basel, Sundance Film Festival, Tulum Escape, and more.

Offering III
Offering III
Offering III


Potential New Programs We Want To Pursue To Enhance Brand & Community Experience

Member's Magazine

Offering III

* The above is a rendering of a future product. Images are computer-generated demo versions. The product is still currently under development and is not yet available on the market.

A bi-annual publication compiling the company’s best news, articles, events,and more, in physical digest Members can read and share with friends.

Become an Agent

Offering III

* The above is a rendering of a future product. Images are computer-generated demo versions. The product is still currently under development and is not yet available on the market.

We would like to launch Special Programs aimed at allowing interested Investors/Members to become licensed agents that can introduce ONE ROQ to their favorite bars, restaurants, and retailer and get paid every time those businesses buy ONE ROQ, for the life of the accounts.

Club House by ONE ROQ

Offering III

* The above is a rendering of a future product. Images are computer-generated demo versions. The product is still currently under development and is not yet available on the market.

With a global Membership eager to experience ONE ROQ Club outside of their homes, and the Founder’s prior success in developing, selling, and exiting a QSR Franchise with 15 global locations, the Company sees a unique opportunity to expand its footprint through the development and franchising of “Club House by ONE ROQ.”

View the ONE ROQ Club House Brochure.


ONE ROQ has created partnerships with key partners to enable the strategy and operations of its unique business model, readying it for growth.

Offering III

Offering III

Offering III

Offering III

Offering III

Offering III

Offering III


ONE ROQ is bringing together leaders across the beverage, entertainment, technology and digital marketing landscapes

Offering IIIGarrett Green
Founder, CEO & Chairman

Offering IIIHeath Hettig, CTO
Tech Advisor

Offering IIIDavid Bonk
CPA & Financial Advisor

Offering IIIRob Dimmer
CEO of Mr Smith Agency
Communications Advisor

Offering IIIJohn Mulvey
Wine & Spirits Sales Advisor

Offering IIIBob Petrone
Former CEO of Empire Distributors, TN
Investor & Industry Advisor

Offering IIIErin Athene
CEO of Mint CRO
Digital Acquisition Advisor

Offering IIICristina Tacettin
Rockefeller Capital Management
Investor & Business Advisor

Offering IIIDomenick Petralia
CEO of Lost Farmer Brewing
Investor & Business Advisor

Offering IIIPatrick Whitney
CEO of American Luxury Unlimited
Investor & Marketing Advisor

Offering IIISonny Antonio
CEO of Sunshine Design
Investor & Business Advisor

Offering IIIJoseph Lizyness
Author, Investing with $100
Investor & Business Advisor

Offering IIIMichael Mitama
CEO of Theta432
Investor & Cybersecurity Advisor


Offering III


Join the Family

Offering III


ONE ROQ is a luxury spirits producer and technology company offering a unique opportunity to invest in its industry- first marketing approach – all while enjoying a preferred rate Membership unlocking exclusive deals on our award-winning products, 2,000+ other popular adult beverage brands, rewards and more.


We believe our successful development and testing of the ONE ROQ business model through a Pandemic and changing market trends has positioned us for success in the growing online adult beverage market. With a 4% historical conversion rate from advertising investments, we believe success is a function of our ability to scale exposure of the brand through paid advertising.


Let ONE ROQ inspire you to Escape the Ordinary and Own Your Spirit. Join our family and become a ROQ, today.


March, 23 2023
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Your 2022 Tax Obligations
As per our annual Tax Obligation notice to investors, this message is to confirm there are no  tax obligations for shareholders for the 2022 tax season, and you do Not need a K-1 form from ONE ROQ Spirits this year. Reasons why you will not need a ONE ROQ K-...

March, 1 2023
Luxury Libation Brand Offers Exclusive Membership for Lifestyle Enthusiasts
This week, ONE ROQ Spirits is proud to be covered by CEO Weekly for its continued progress and innovation in the Adult Beverage space.  Founder & CEO, Garrett Green, recently shared reaction to this publication on his Linkedin page, thanking CEO Weekly a...

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New Changes to Your Investment Account
Dear Investors &  Members As part of our new Reg CF Investment platform, we recently assigned a new Transfer Agent (KoreConX), replacing StartEngine as the platform you will use to make and manage your investments going forward.  Things You Need To Kno...

January, 31 2023
ONE ROQ Spirits Announces New FinTech Partners
Today, leading beverage news publication,, shares announcement of our new Fintech suppliers as part of expansion of our direct investment programs  in 2023. The full press release at BEVNET can be found here, and the full transcript below.NEW YORK...

January, 30 2023
The States That Drink the Most Alcohol in America
Americans love their alcohol. According to data published by the National Institute on Alcohol..., U.S. residents’ consumption of alcoholic beverages has been on a steady incline since 1995, with a whopping 7.9 billion gallons consumed in 2020. That marks a...

January, 21 2023
Offering III Investor Update
A note to Investors before the below update***  If you are an Investor with Reservations in Offering III , you will receive an email with instructions on how to convert your reservations to investments. We presently anticipate this email to be sent by Februar...

January, 8 2023
A New You In The New Year
This past Holiday, we hope you took reprieve to be with your families, reconnect with old friends, and reflect on another year in our new world. Over our Holiday, the ONE ROQ team pressed forward, successfully filing its Form C with the SEC on December 30th, ...

December, 20 2022
Offering III (At The Hour)
Happy Holidays, ROQs.At the present hour, over $230K in Reservations have been committed by our investor community towards Offering III. We want to thank and congratulate all of you who have committed thus far - the greater community owes you a debt of gratitu...

December, 9 2022
A Message From Garrett Green, CEO
Dear Investors,It's late on a Friday, but I want to officially welcome you back to the ONE ROQ Journey.ONE ROQ's Offering III (Reservation mode) is off to an impressive start with over $200k committed in our first week from just 5% of our total investor commun...

December, 6 2022
ONE ROQ Bets Big With New Tech Investment - Bloomberg
Luxury Alcohol Startup, ONE ROQ Spirits, Announces Completion of Hi-Tech Online MarketplaceToday, ONE ROQ's announcement of Marketplace (tech) completion hits airways on Bloomberg, YahooFinance and Business Insider, highlighting the major developmental milesto...

December, 5 2022
ONE ROQ Welcomes Advisory Team
ONE ROQ Publishes Advisory Board Through Offering III to Aid Key Transitions. - Offering III  Testing of Waters goes underway last Thursday night with over $180k Reserved in our first 4 Days.- Join the Reservations list now. Reserve Shares Here As we gear u...

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Raise A Glass. Investor Updates Within.
Investors & Members,It's official, temperatures have dropped, snow is falling and holiday celebrations have begun across the world. We hope everyone found time to enjoy Thanksgiving  with their loved ones last week, and hopefully a bottle or two  of ONE ...

November, 15 2022
ONE ROQ Unveils Total Marketplace (Beta)
11-21-22This new amenity is a final development milestone in ONE ROQ's steps to create a thoroughly differentiated online Wine & Spirits Club delivering consumer advantages for home alcohol buying and personalized gifting - a $500B+ annual market. Investor...

November, 7 2022
ONE ROQ Hits 115 ABC Liquor Stores In Pennsylvania
The Pandemic has caused delays in programming across the industry, but  today, we are thrilled to announce that our launch with the State of Pennsylvania has finally commenced. ONE ROQ is now available at over 115 intial state liquor stores and ready for enjo...